Operating since the 1960s with an understanding of accessible luxury
and a deep knowledge of high-quality craftsmanship and needlework,
Birélin was born in France as the first breakout brand from the Company’s
industrial character thanks to Günay Birel’s, a third generation of this
artisan family, unwavering commitment to quality.
Placing great importance on carrying an understanding of past Haute
Couture details (quality/meticulous tailoring) into current day fashion,
Birélin has been positioned as the fashion address renowned for its vision
and distinguished, elegant and modern timeless designs – bringing a
breath of fresh air to the retail sector.










Birélin’s use of high-quality fabrics, flawless sewing details, feminine and sophisticated
style set the brand apart.
In a retail sector where dynamics are constantly changing, Birélin has fast become the
go-to address for timeless fashion quality thanks to the inspiration it gets from
iconic pieces of the past.
With collections that speak to a variety of different female personas through carefully
curated stories, Birélin connects with its customers from all across the globe via its
custom shop-experience and online, via its website.
Birélin’s high-quality production facilities are located in Şişli, Tokat and Samsun
employing 150 people across 2 factories.




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We offer quality and fashion
attainable with price,
workmanship and fabric.


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We always search for timeless
designs by creating an
innovative design
approach beyond time.


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Exclusive, high value-added,
narrative designs that make
a difference with holistic
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Birélin which continues to
produce for four generations,
acts with the awareness that
“The customer is our guardian”
and takes care to offer an
exclusive service to each of its

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